A leaky tap wastes more than 2000 litres of water a month. If one tap can leak 24,000 litres a year, how much water is being wasted in the average home?

SAVE Up to 216,000L each year

Changing over to XValve both inside and outside the home will ensure you never have a leaky tap again guaranteed!

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upgrade TAPS IN your home & save water

When you add up all the tap fittings in your home, it's been an expensive investment.  How many drip and how many are starting to stick?

When changing all your tapware fittings isn't an option, changing the spindles definitely is.

Upgrading to washer free XValve Spindles in your existing tap fittings gives you all the benefits of XValve Technology at a fraction of the cost of a new tap. No more drips. No more hard to budge taps and no more maintenance - ever!  Changing over to XValve Spindles will take 10 minutes for the average handy man or woman. Our easy step-by-step installation guides will help anyone of any experience level.

For our retro fitting installation guides, see here>