Spending time in your garden should be enjoyable - and it can be if your gardening equipment is in good condition. Often the problem starts when you go to your garden tap to connect a hose, fill a bucket or check on the watering system and it's leaking, hard to budge and making life in the garden that much more difficult. You can change the failing washer - and look forward to doing that job again and again - or you can install an XValve washer free garden tap that is 100% drip and maintenance free. It never sticks or becomes hard to budge. And it never lets you down. The easy glide handle action is soft on hands and big on performance. XValve can be installed in just 10 minutes. Make the change, your hands will thank you forever!...



Swap XValve Spindles in your existing kitchen, bathroom and laundry tapware and enjoy the easy glide action.  With XValve, you'll never experience a dripping or hard to budge tap again! Shop spindles